PRObusiness case
How to save more than 100 thousand on each batch of loyalty cards
The case on the example of the company "Kofechaev"
We created a mobile app for business. Why do small businesses need an app? What is it? What is the "efficiency"? — Read about it in the article. Since we talking about business, it will be more interesting to start with "efficiency", yes/ok ;)?
«Efficiency» in numbers:

The cost of one batch of plastic cards with a volume of 10 thousand pieces is about 100 thousand rubles. — the cost of the application with the basic functionality of a digital card is 90 thousand rubles. Now Coffeechaev won't spend 100 thousand on each batch of cards.Yeah, enough with the numbers., now let's look at the functionality of the app and other advantages for business.
Bonus at the end of the article
A shot from the videoclip of Coffeechaev (in the background: a location for making coffee on the sand and a manual coffee grinder)
Coffeechaev- is a chain of tea, coffee and designer gifts stores. The company's Customers have a loyalty system - a cumulative discount. The more money a Customer has spent on the company's products, the higher their permanent discount. Gradation: 5%, 10%, 15%, 16%, 17%, 18%, 19%, 20%.

What problems have we solved:
1 - The cost of plastic cards is high. One branded loyalty card costs 10 rubles. A batch of 10 thousand pieces costs 100 thousand rubles.

2 -Status of the current discount. The Customer did not have the opportunity to find out how much rubles they need to spend to go to the next stage of the discount.

Example: the Client has a current discount of 5%. How much do I need to spend to get a 10% discount? - This could only be found out in the store or by calling the office.

3 - A system for notifying Customers about important events: profitable promotions, birthday greetings, etc. Mailing list is not working well. SMS mailing is costs money.

4 - Cashback system. The company uses the mechanics of cards with cells. For each purchased coffee to go a Client received a seal in one of the cells. When all the cells are filled with seals, the Customer receives a free coffee.

5 - Some competitors have an app, and Coffeechaev - hasen`t. As of 2019,it's not so fun :(
Example of "coffee to go" for free (card`s illustration)
How we solved all these problems and what we have got now
1-Kofechaev does not spend money on plastic cards, since now the card is digital and interaction with it from Customers is carried out through the app. That is, for the next few years, Coffeechaev will save about 500 thousand rubles on the plastic.

2 - Now you can see the current discount at any time and how much it is until the next one, for example: "Your discount is: 5%. To get 10% discount, you need to buy products in the amount of 1,440 rubles."

First, it is convenient. Second, having information that you can achieve something is in itself a motivating action.

To put it simply, someone will go and buy for 1,440 rubles just to get a permanent 10% discount. This mechanic is actively used in games where different achievements are specially created for players. The psychology of some players is that it is important for them to get achievements — they get pleasure from the next achieved milestone.
A satisfied Customer leaves the store Coffeechaev with purchases and "coffee to go"
3 - Push notification System (push) is a great tool for informing Customers. We are not talking about all Clients. BUT there are some loyal Customers and some of them do not mind getting notifications by Coffeechaev.

What is very important, is that one SMS can cost 1-2 rubles, and push is free - and this is a the PRObusiness.

4 - Cashback system. First let's count the number of processes and stress in the previous card system:

Old pattern:

  • buying coffee to go a Customer provides a special card with cells;;
  • the seller puts a seal on one of the cells;
  • if there is no card or all the cells are filled, the seller gives out a new one.
Customer`s Problems

The average consumer either does not have a wallet, or it is filled with different cards and constantly carry them all with you becomes more difficult. Even take a card at the right time, when your hands are probably busy is inconvenient sometimes.

The company's problems:

  • printing cards and delivering them to each store;
  • purchasing / updating seals in stores;
  • using cards and seals by sellers - a dozen small processes;
  • accounting for bonus points and possible nuances;
  • increasing the time of Customer service with such card;
  • the range of drinks is large and for each drink the same seal. What kind of drink should be for free as a result? How to choose right.
And now - we switched to cashback:

Buying coffee to go (and other drinks to take away), the Customer receives points on the loyalty card in the amount of 10% of the amount - and that's IT!

If you accumulate a sufficient amount of cashback, the Customer can take coffee for free.
You can always check your cashback balance in the app: "your cashback for drinks is 215 rubles"

The app design is made in the style of material Design / Cupertino design

As a bonus, we added a 4096 meditative puzzle game to the app. Now it is an opportunity to relax and fight for a place in the rating table. In the future - this is one of the tools of gamification and about it in other article.

Important. Important. Coffeechaev uses 1C, so when you switching from plastic cards to the digital ones and when implementing cashback, it took interaction with the 1C programmer on the part of Coffeechaev. But in General, this is not a difficult task.

The development of the app

In the future, Coffeechaev is planning to add advanced functionality to the app:
— product catalog;

— the "mystery shopper" system;

— feedback form;

— giveaways based on games;

— and much more.

And now the bonus!