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During 2018-2019, we received more than a hundred requests to create the game.The game is mainly wanted by marketers . Therefore, we decided to diversify our business and create an independent direction, the goal of which is to create cheap games for marketing. Why cheap-explain further.
In recent years, the gamification trend has been gaining strength. Over the past five years, global companies have been spending more and more on digital marketing.
And now medium-sized and small companies want to touch new digital marketing tools, but it`s beyond the budget
Our goal is to give small budgets the opportunity to try promo games as part of their advertising campaigns.

We coped with this task and created a platform(constructor). Now it only takes a few days to finalize the game from our catalog for the needs of the Client. Why diversify? - Because classic games differ from marketing games like an elephant from a microphone.
to give small budgets the opportunity to try
Classic games are entire universes designed to allow players to live in them while consuming a variety of content over the years.

Marketing games are playing form of interaction with the Client. Namely:

  • instead of giving a free coupon to a Customer, you can increase the value of the coupon by making the Customer win it;
  • based on the results of the game or in a playing form, you can report a "secret" link to a product or code;
  • Customer interaction with the brand in a playful form is fun;
  • the game with a rating table is the same promo game, but unlike the previous examples, it is designed for a large number of replays and accumulation of points;
  • the second variation of the game with a rating is designed to increase the player's skills and achieve high results. For example, a player first learns to play, and then has the opportunity to score a lot of points;
Each set of mechanics has its own characteristics. The marketer should decide which mechanics to choose, since they know their target audience, what they might be interested in, and how they might be interested in it. A playing form will enhance the effect.

And so, to all who have finished reading, I wish you full pockets of creative marketing ))
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