Cyber book
Digital programming textbook for children
Project description
Customer: АНО "Кибер Страна"
Company's mission: Helping talented children learn programming in the field of supplemented and virtual reality.
Project: "Cyber Book C# part 1"
Projects website:
Our work: Creating source code for the clients version of app on Unity.
Design time: 2 months for the first version of the project, 3 months for the second version of the project
The warranty period: 6 months
"CYBER BOOK" is a digital textbook that allows you to carry out continuous training in programming from school or remotely - progress is saved in the cloud. The entire learning process is gamified, it means that children learn programming in a playful way. The game form is the best form of education, since children love to play games and the presentation of material in a game form is much more effective than classical teaching methods.

The setting of the project:
Mars and space. Space setting sets up a serious mood and shows how our world is huge and beautiful.

EM ALL Studio's role in the project:
Developing and writing code from the start for clients versions of the project's applications in the C# programming language in the Unity 3D engine.
A child plays, solves puzzles and learns the basics of C# (C-sharp)— one of the most popular programming languages in the world, which is used for developing apps and games.

What does the child acquire?
In the last classes, children begin to program unobtrusively and independently in C#. They acquire the skill of sequential actions, begin to think logically and bring the task to a result.

What do parents acquire?
Parents get a proven tool that helps turn their child's passion for online games into a sought-after profession!

Thanks to the digital textbook children begin to program in C# unobtrusively and independently