Promo Games
Eraser for IT Service Group
Open an image in the background
Erase the upper layer as fast as possible
Photo of the office and employees, logo-eraser
Discounts for video surveillance system installation
Over 500 members
At own resources of the company
Ideas for business
What other segmets can this game be used in?
Car wash
The upper layer is changed for foam, eraser - for a sponge with your logo, and an image of a hot girl is set at the background - hence you get a nice entertainment for the clients waiting their turn. Add a coupon with a discount for the next service, and a client becomes regular one.
Video surveillance
What are your employees doing at their working time?
Expectation - working, reality... let's dream for a while?
The upper layer - good workers are deep in their tasks, but the logo-eraser will show players the truth. Add a CTA at the end of the game: "Be aware of your personnel activities with the "Big Brother" video surveillance system - make an installation request with 10% off-price only today!". Hence, you get a hot client.
Advertisement of services for indoor cleaning. The upper layer is a photo of a littered room. The background image shows the same room but after the thorough cleaning - before and after using services of a cleaning company. Show what your staff can do!
Optics/ Laser vision correction
A photo demonstrating the Target Audience in pain is used. How do people with poor eyesight suffer? They do not see TV, road signs, friends in the streets, beauty of nature, shop names and etc. The upper layer is a blurred image of any of proposed situations, the background is the same image of high quality. Use this tool to show the clients that their problem can be solved by purchasing lens in your optics salon or by correction of eyesight in the cliniс.
Show your clients the results before and after your servises - haircut, make-up, correction, tattoo and etc. At the end of the game Propose any trigger (discount, coupon, present and others), place the link to the game at your Instagram, VK, website, and welcome your new clients!
Fitness / Dieting expert
Are you a coach, dieting expert or do you possess a fitness club? Promote your services using our game mechanics, show your potential clients what to wait for after your classes / consultations. The upper layer is an overweight girl, the background is the same girl but with trained body and perky butt. At the end of the game propose each client a free-of-charge dietary plan or exercise check-list upon purchase of a monthly pass - and here is a new member of your club!
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